Trio-Pines Caster

For over 40 years, Trio Pines U.S.A. Inc. has been recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing superior quality casters while providing customers with exceptional value and fostering cutting edge technology to make its innovation available globally.

Founded in 1971 just outside of Seoul, Korea, the principals of Trio Pines ventured into becoming a leading manufacturer of quality casters and by 1979 was recognized as the first import caster within the United States expanding its reach offering a vast range of caster series and configurations consisting of load capacities from 75 lbs. to 5,800 lbs. per caster matching the American Standard in quality and performance. As the domestic division of Samsong Caster Korea, the company was first to introduce its shock-absorbing casters to OEM’s and the automotive industry within the United States and implemented automation into companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan before becoming a highly sought after supplier by domestic distributors.