R&K Wheels

R&K Industrial Products was founded in 1945 with one goal in mind; to manufacture a superior product which could withstand the test of time. Using only the highest quality materials, the best available technology and emphasizing on superior craftsmanship, R&K has remained committed to its original mission for nearly seven decades and continues to manufacture a truly superior product. Now Employee-Owned (since 1997) and heading into the new millennium, R&K will remain true to its core values of quality, longevity, craftsmanship, commitment  and consistency,  and continue to manufacture products that lead the market.

R&K Industrial Products is a completely self-contained manufacturing organization. The entire manufacturing process is conducted in-house and under the supervision of vastly qualified and experienced members of the organization.

Foundry – R&K wheels begin in our sand foundry where they are cast according to very strict and demanding guidelines.

Machine Shop – R&K wheels are machined in our CNC machining centers to precise specifications.

Treading – Whether rubber or polyurethane, tread material is bonded on to the aluminum core utilizing only the highest grade bonding agents. What results is a truly superior product.