Nutting by Acco

Over 125 years ago, in 1891, Elijah Nutting was first approached by a Minnesota businessman having problems getting things for here to there. After carefully listening to the man’s story, Elijah analyzed the problem, considered some of his client’s suggestions, added a few ideas of his own, and then went to work – in time producing the first tilt style platform truck to carry his company’s name. Much has happened since that day in 1891. For one thing, Nutting’s reputation has grown considerably, making it one of the nation’s premiere manufacturers of high quality material handling equipment. Nutting has literally been a company on the move with “all the right moves”, seeking continuously to give you precisely what you demand: more reliable…great efficiency …greater economical equipment…all with the tough, durable, and dependable products you have come to expect from Nutting.

Our Trailers are the showcase of our product offering with QUAD-STEER (four-wheel steering) and DUAL-STEER (two-wheel steering) trailers utilizing four different configurations. Our fabricating services include the usage of state-of- art equipment aimed at processing and producing at the highest and finest industry standards.Our engineering services include specialized design expertise for custom-engineered products.