Blickle USA

In 1953, Wilhelm Sülzle split his long-established ironmongery factory among his sons and his son-in-law Heinrich Blickle into three standalone companies. The newly founded company Blickle assumed the production of iron wheelbarrow wheels, developing it into a range of high-quality wheels in addition to swivel and fixed casters. Typically Swabian virtues such as hard work, an obsession with quality and the genes of inventors all contribute to continual product improvement. After the sudden death of the company’s founder Heinrich Blickle in 1961, his wife Elisabeth Blickle took over as Managing Director.

Today, Reinhold Blickle, son of the company’s founder, runs the company as executive partner together with his wife Denise Blickle and Walter Wager. Under their management, Blickle has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of wheels and casters worldwide over the past few decades. Progress and keeping with the traditional values of the family company go hand in hand – a corporate philosophy that will be continued into the third generation.