How to Choose the Right Utility Cart for Your Business

A utility cart is a smart investment for all businesses. Consisting of one or more shelves with a set of wheels on the bottom, you can use it to move items in your workplace. From parts and finished products to documents, tools and more, utility carts support countless types of items. Here are some tips on how to choose the right utility cart for your business.

Consider the Load Capacity

Always check the load capacity when shopping for a utility cart to ensure that it will support the items with which you intend to use it. If you exceed the load capacity, the utility cart may break, resulting in damage to the items or bodily injury to you or those around you.

Most utility carts have a per-caster load capacity. This indicates the maximum weight each wheeled caster on the bottom of a utility cart can safely accommodate.

Single Shelf vs Multiple Shelves

While some utility carts feature a single shelf, others feature multiple shelves. Those with a single shelf are essentially wheeled platforms. They have a flat base that’s connected to a set of wheels.

Multi-shelf utility carts, on the other hand, have several levels. You can place small items on each shelf or level. For tall items, you may want to choose a single-shelf utility cart. When transporting small and short items, conversely, a multi-shelf utility cart may prove more useful.

Look for Swivel Casters

You may want to choose a utility cart with swivel casters. Swivel casters will allow you to maneuver the utility cart in tight spaces. They are distinguished from other casters by their ability to turn in a complete circle.

Not all of the casters on a utility cart need to be swivel casters. If a utility cart has four total casters, only two of them need to be swivel casters. A combination of two rigid casters and two swivel casters will make the utility cart easy to maneuver.

Check the Construction

Don’t forget to check the construction when choosing a utility cart. You can find utility carts in different materials. Some of them are made of hard wood. They feature a wooden base with a handle attached to the side. Other utility carts are made of metal, such as stainless steel.

You can even find utility carts made of structural foam. Foam utility carts are lightweight and weather resistant. They won’t rust or corrode, nor they will decay.