Pallet Jack Chocks: A Simple and Effective Stopping Solution

If you regularly use pallet jacks to lift and move materials in the workplace, you may want to invest in a set of pallet jack chocks. Pallet jacks often have a mind of their way. When carrying a heavy load, they may roll away. Chocks, however, offer a simple and effective stopping solution.

What Is a Pallet Jack Chock?

A pallet jack chock is a pad-like device that’s designed to secure a pallet jack in place. They look like small ramps with a hollow center. To secure a pallet jack in place, you can roll it up a chock. The pallet jack’s front wheels will fall into the hole in the center of the chock. The pallet jack will now remain securely in place.

Like all types of wheel chocks, pallet jack chocks are designed to lock the wheels. They only affect the front wheels, though. Most pallet jacks have a pair of front wheels beneath the handle, and they have additional wheels at the end of each fork arm. Pallet jack chocks are designed for use with the former type of wheels.

You can lock the front wheels of a pallet jack by rolling it up a chock.  Once the front wheels fall into the chock, they won’t be able to move. The chock will immobilize the wheels.

Benefits of Pallet Jack Chocks

With pallet jack chocks, you don’t have to worry about your pallet jacks rolling away. They will secure your pallet jacks in place.

Pallet jacks may roll away when used on ramps or other uneven surfaces. Even if the floor is just slightly unlevel, a fully loaded pallet jack may roll away. The weight of the load will force the pallet jack to roll down the sloped surface. Rather than taking this task, you should secure your pallet jacks in place with a chock.

Some pallet jacks feature a built-in braking mechanism. There are pallet jacks with disc brakes, for instance. You can stop them by engaging the disc brakes. But pallet jack chocks offer a simpler, more cost-effective solution.

You can use chocks on all types of pallet jacks. Even if a pallet jack doesn’t have built-in brakes, it should support the use of a chock.

In Conclusion

Pallet jack chocks are accessories that are designed to immobilize the front wheels of a pallet jack. You can roll a pallet jack up a chock to secure it in place. With the front wheels immobilized, the pallet jack won’t be able to roll away on its own.