Hand Trucks: The Importance of Choosing the Right Nose Plate

You can’t ignore the nose plate when shopping for hand trucks. It’s a flat lip-like extension that protrudes out the front of the frame. The nose plate is designed to hold loads. Whether you’re moving boxes, materials, furniture or any other type of objects, you’ll need to stack them on the nose plate. Choosing the right nose plate is important for the following reasons.

Maximum Load Size

The nose plate will affect the maximum load size that the hand truck can support. Hand trucks with a longer nose plate can support longer loads than those with a shorter nose plate.

You should typically use a nose plate that’s at least one-third the length of the load. If the load is 10 inches long, for instance, the nose plate should be at least 3.3 inches long. Using a shorter nose plate may result in the load falling off the hand truck. Regardless, the nose plate will affect the hand truck’s maximum load size.


Hand trucks with a long nose plate aren’t always better than those with a short nose plate. A long nose plate will allow you to move longer loads with the hand truck, but it may come at the cost of decreased maneuverability.

With a long nose plate, you may struggle to maneuver the hand truck in tight spaces. The nose plate may catch on the side of doorframes and hallways. A short nose plate, on the other hand, will make the hand truck easier to maneuver in tight spaces such as this.

Corrosion Resistance

Some nose plates are better protected against corrosion than others. Hand trucks are commonly used outdoors and in open commercial spaces. As a result, they are frequently exposed to moisture.

Moisture facilitates corrosion. When exposed to moisture — even just the moisture vapor in the air — metal objects may corrode. Fortunately, there are nose plates available that can withstand moisture without corroding. Corrosion-resistant nose plates are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel. Alternatively, nose plates may feature a corrosion-resistant finish, such as zinc.


Some nose plates are also replaceable. They are attached to hand trucks via threaded fasteners. If you buy a hand truck with a replaceable nose plate, you’ll be able to swap it out. Maybe the original nose plate is too small for the load with which you intend to use it.  Assuming it’s replaceable, you can swap it out for a longer nose plate.