What Are Toolbox Casters?

Toolbox casters offer a simple way to transport otherwise heavy toolboxes. Like all casters, they consist of a wheel with a frame. You can mount them to the bottom of a toolbox. Once mounted, you can roll the toolbox.

Overview of Toolbox Casters

Toolbox casters are exactly what they sound like: casters that are designed specifically for toolboxes. They typically come in sets of four, and most of them feature a plate mounting style. A plate mounting style means the toolbox casters have a flat plate on top, which is used to mount them to the bottom of a toolbox. You can mount a single toolbox caster on each of the toolbox’s four corners via the plate.

Why Toolbox Casters Are Important

Whether you use a toolbox for personal or commercial purposes, you may want to invest in toolbox casters for it. Toolboxes can be heavy. Even when unloaded, some toolboxes can weigh up to 500 pounds. After filling it with tools and equipment, toolbox casters will weigh even more.

Attempting to lift and carry a heavy toolbox manually is never a good idea. You may strain your back, or you may accidentally drop it. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually lift and carry your toolbox. With toolbox casters, you can roll it. Toolbox casters make it easy to transport heavy toolboxes.

How to Choose Toolbox Casters

You should consider the load rating when choosing toolbox casters. While they are stronger than many other types of casters, toolbox casters can only withstand so much weight. The load rating reflects the amount of weight for which a toolbox caster has been rated to support.

When choosing toolbox casters, check to see whether they are swivel or rigid. Most sets come with both swivel and rigid casters. A typical set of toolbox casters will feature two swivel casters and two rigid casters. This will allow you to install the two swivel casters on the front of the toolbox and the two rigid casters on the back of the toolbox. The end result is an easier-to-roll toolbox that doesn’t fishtail.

You may want to choose toolbox casters with a braking mechanism. A braking mechanism will allow you to lock them in place. After transporting your toolbox to the desired area, you can engage the brakes. The toolbox casters will stop rolling with the brakes engages. Of course, not all of the casters need to feature a braking mechanism. As long as two of them have a braking mechanism, you can lock the toolbox casters in place.