6 Reasons to Choose an Aluminum Ladder

When shopping for a ladder, you may want to choose an aluminum ladder. Ladders are available in different materials. Some of them are made of fiberglass, whereas others are made of steel or aluminum. Each material offers its own benefits. Aluminum ladders, however, often come out on top for the following reasons.

#1) Lightweight

Aluminum ladders are lightweight. They typically weigh less than both fiberglass and steel ladders. Steel is nearly three times as dense as aluminum. As a result, it weighs noticeably more than aluminum. If you’re tired of hauling around a heavy fiberglass or steel ladder, you should consider choosing an aluminum ladder.

#2) Strong

Not only are they lightweight, but aluminum ladders are strong as well. Some of them are made of the same aircraft-grade aluminum that’s used in the construction of commercial airliners. They aren’t made of cheap or otherwise weak aluminum. Rather, aluminum ladders are made of high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum.

#3) Inexpensive

The price of a ladder will vary depending on many different factors. The size, for instance, will typically affect its price. Longer ladders tend to cost more than their shorter counterparts. The material from which a ladder is made will also affect its price. Aluminum ladders cost less than fiberglass and steel ladders.

#4) Won’t Rust

You don’t have to worry about an aluminum ladder rusting. Rust is iron oxide. It’s the result of iron oxidizing from exposure to oxygen. There’s no iron in aluminum, so aluminum ladders won’t rust. Only ladders made of iron or iron alloys can rust. Steel ladders can rust because steel is an iron alloy, but aluminum is a separate metal that doesn’t contain any iron.

#5) Portability

Portability is another benefit of choosing an aluminum ladder. Thanks to their lightweight design, they are more portable than other types of ladders. You can easily move an aluminum ladder — typically without any assistance. Moving a steel or fiberglass ladder, on the other hand, may require an extra set of hands.  Aluminum ladders are still tall, and you can use them to access elevated surfaces like roofs, but their lightweight design makes them easy to carry.

#6) Maintenance-Free

Most aluminum ladders are maintenance-free. You don’t have to refinish them, nor do you have to grease or lubricate them. It’s always a good idea to read the owner’s manual after purchasing a new ladder. Nonetheless, most aluminum ladders don’t require any maintenance.