What Are Frame Extensions for Hand Trucks?

When shopping for hand truck accessories, you may come across frame extensions. Hand trucks are available in different sizes. Tall hand trucks, of course, support taller loads than short hand trucks. Even if you have a short hand truck, though, you may be able to use it to transport tall loads; you just need to invest in a frame extension.

Overview of Frame Extensions

Frame extensions are accessories that are designed to extend the frame of a hand truck. All hand trucks have a frame. The frame is the main vertical structure. At the bottom of the frame is the nose plate, which is attached to a set of wheels. At the top of the frame is a pair of handles.

To make a hand truck taller, look no further than a frame extension. You can secure a frame extension to the top of the hand truck’s frame using threaded fasteners. The frame extension will essentially make the hand truck taller so that you stack taller loads on it.

How Frame Extensions Differ From Nose Plate Extensions

In addition to frame extensions, there are nose plate extensions. While frame extensions are designed to extend the frame of a hand truck, nose plate extensions are designed to extend the nose plate of a hand truck.

The nose plate is the flat piece of metal at the bottom of a hand truck. It’s the part of the hand truck on which you place and stack objects. Nose plate extensions are still flat, but they have a larger surface area.

Tips on Choosing a Frame Extension

You should consider the height when choosing a frame extension. Some frame extensions are just 20 inches tall, whereas others are over 50 inches tall. If you only need a little height on your hand truck, a short frame extension may suffice.

Make sure the frame extension is made of a strong and durable material. After all, it must be able to support the hand truck’s load. Most frame extensions are made of a finished metal or alloy. As a result, they are strong, durable and even protected against corrosion.

If you’re looking to buy a nose plate extension as well, you should consider the mounting style. Nose plate extensions can be classified as front-mounted or rear-mounted, depending on how they are mounted. Front-mounted nose plate extensions are designed for use with hand trucks that feature a front nose plate. Rear-mounted nose plate extensions, conversely, are designed for use with hand trucks that feature a rear nose plate.