The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Dolly

Dollies make it easy to move large and heavy objects. Not to be confused with hand trucks, they consist of a square- or rectangular-shaped platform with four wheels. Rather than carrying objects, you can place them on a dolly. The dolly’s wheels will allow you to roll the object. While using a dolly may sound simple enough, though, there are several things you should and shouldn’t do with a dolly.

Do Choose the Right Type of Dolly

You should choose the right type of dolly. While all dollies consist of a platform with four wheels, they are available in different types. Some dollies are made of polyurethane, whereas others are made of real wool. Load capacities can also vary. Some dollies can support heavier objects than others.

Do Place Objects in the Center

When using a dolly, make sure objects are positioned in the center. Failure to do so may affect their center of gravity. If an object is positioned near the edge of the dolly, for instance, it may fall over during transit. To protect objects from damage, place them in the center of the dolly.

Do Protect Furniture With Pads

Dollies are commonly used to move furniture. You can place furniture like dressers, chests of drawers, nightstands and coffee tables on a dolly to move them. If you’re going to move furniture with a dolly, though, you should consider using furniture pads. Placing furniture pads between the furniture and the dolly will protect them from scratches. Alternatively, there are dollies with a carpeted or rubber belt bottom that will protect furniture from scratches.

Don’t Pull When Rolling

Avoid pulling objects after placing them on a dolly. Like with hand trucks, the correct way to use a dolly is to push. Pushing will allow you to see where you are going. If there’s an obstacle in your way, you’ll be able to spot it and, thus, avoid it.

Don’t Stack Objects Too High

While you can use a dolly to move multiple objects at once, you shouldn’t stack them too high. Dollies require rolling. If a dolly is stacked to the ceiling with objects, it may prove unstable when rolled. Using short stacks will minimize the risk of the objects falling over during transit.

Don’t Leave Drawers or Cabinets Full

Another common mistake to avoid when using a dolly is leaving drawers or cabinets full. You can use a dolly to move furniture with drawers or cabinets, but you should empty them beforehand. If the drawers or cabinets are full, their contents may spill as you push and roll the dolly.