Rousseau Industrial Shelving

Rousseau Industrial Shelving is one of the top lines of industrial shelving in the industry. Rousseau products are designed and manufactured in North America which allows them to have complete control over their quality standards. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, all of Rousseau’s product lines allow for customized configurations. This customized flexibility was a key factor in the success of our recent installation of Rousseau Industrial Shelving.

The Rousseau Shelving units specified in our project were easily ordered in components. Ordering everything at the component level made it very easy for us to offer the shelving layout that fit our customer’s needs. On this project of ours, we installed some Rousseau Industrial Shelving in our customer’s new distribution facility. We could not be more proud of the outcome! In the photos below you can see we were able to help setup their distribution facility with high quality shelving.  Left them in an organized fashion for all of their inventory needs.

The style of shelving we used for this project is a Box-Type shelving with front and rear edges that are roll-formed and welded. They are made out of 20 gauge steel and are 1-1/4” thick making them incredible sturdy. This shelving easily met the load capacities for this project which is always a key concern. For this series of shelving, the shelving load capacity is tested by a series of tests that are based on ANSI MH28.1 Shelving Manufacturer Association (SMA) standards. The capacities incorporate a safety factor and are valid for an equally distributed load. Whenever we are installing shelving, one of our major concerns is always if the shelving units are going to meet the load capacities required. It seems that people always tend to push shelving weight limits to their capacity once the shelving systems are in use. Thanks to Rousseau’s testing standards and quality shelf design, we did not have to worry about the load capacities of these shelves not meeting our customer’s needs.

By working with our customer on their desired DC layout, we were able to collaborate with them on the shelving layout seen in the photos above. Our install team arrived at the DC as each shelving shipment arrived so they were ready to assemble and install the shelving components as soon as they were able. Once the install was complete we were thrilled with the results. We hope our customer was too. Rousseau Metal Products are high quality and long lasting which makes them a favorite for many installs like this. We look forward to helping more of our customers out in the future on their customized shelving & cabinet needs.