Valley Craft Material Handling Equipment

Valley Craft is a manufacturer of high quality material handling products located in Lake City, Minnesota. Valley Craft designs, develops and manufacturers high quality, professional grade material handling equipment. In addition to material handling products, Valley Craft also manufacturers storage solutions and other proprietary custom designed equipment. Established in 1953, Carl Weinman created the first ever handtruck with a brake and introduced it to the delivery market. Over the next 60 years, Valley Craft has grown into a world class manufacturer that is known for its high quality handtrucks, carts, trailers, portable lifts, hydraulic drum handling equipment and storage equipment. Valley Craft takes great pride in their heritage of building high quality American-Made products that are designed to handle and store materials more safely, more securely and more efficiently. Valley Craft products are high quality and built to last making them a great choice for many challenging industrial applications.

As a distributor for Valley Craft products, we mainly stock and distribute the tubular aluminum welded handtrucks. Popular models stocked in our showroom are the 3880, 3881 and 3971 curved back models. These are a popular choice among many beverage distributors, especially those delivering kegs. Valley Craft handtrucks are made of a welded aluminum frame that is formed in a tubular design for increased strength and durability. Even though these handtrucks are manufactured of the high quality materials that are long lasting, the demanding use delivery drivers put these through still manage to wear out the wheels and shoes of the handtruck on a regular basis. Here at The Caster Guy, we stock all Valley Craft handtruck components allowing us to replace and repair these items for you with ease. We are here to help you keep your handtrucks in top working condition so you can get back out that door and on your route to deliver those beverages.