Sale, Sale, Sale… Our clearance casters are in stock and ready to ship immediately at a supreme discount to you! In my warehouse, my team and I are constantly working to identify which inventory is moving, which inventory is sitting and which inventory we have too much or too little of. Inventory planning is a constant project we are always working on, and as we go through our inventory planning process, we are able to identify high quality products that we can offer to you at a steep discount. This is why we have come up with our Clearance Caster Section.

In our clearance caster section you will be able to find our inventory currently sorted into three separate sections – Clearance Plate Casters, Clearance Stem Casters and Clearance wheels. In the clearance plate casters section, you will find an assortment of different top plate casters which have various sizes of top plates for mounting, various different wheel sizes along with various different wheel materials. A few items which I would like to highlight are the following:

Clearance Plate Casters:

  • 35MM POLYURETHANE SWIVEL CASTER (GLAP 100 GEL-BLACK): This caster is small, sleek and sturdy making it a perfect option for your retail fixtures and store front applications.
  • 5″ THERMO-PRO RUBBER SWIVEL CASTER W/ TOP LOCK BRAKE (PGS50120ZN-TPR33(GG)TL) TK: This caster is the perfect light medium duty caster for all of your general applications with a load capacity of up to 1100 lbs. overall.
  • 2″ THERMOPLASTIC URETHANE SWIVEL CASTER (PRE20108ZN-TPU) JZ: This caster is small, sleek and sturdy making it a perfect option for your retail fixtures and store front applications. This is also a perfect fit for any of your light duty low profile caster applications.

Clearance Stem Casters:

  • 4″ THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER SWIVEL CASTER WITH BRAKE (TP5240-22-MIR-PB-TLB) CS & 4″ THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER SWIVEL CASTER (TP5240-22-MIR-PB) CS: These casters have a friction ring stem, a hooded caster raceway and a Thermoplastic Rubber wheel tread making these fantastic options for most all floor surfaces. One with a brake and one without a brake gives you the flexibility of locking your casters in place when you are not using your mobile unit.
  • 2-1/2″ POLYURETHANE SWIVEL CASTER (2.02254.95.MTG53) TK: This caster is a lower profile option with a threaded stem making this a great option for top heavy cart applications. The polyurethane wheel holds up wheel in washdown or environments with exposure to liquid chemicals.

Our clearance caster inventory is constantly changing and we will be updating this section weekly and monthly with new items we would like to offer to you at a discount. Please check in on us from time to time so you can take advantage of our best caster deals on a regular basis. If you do not see an option that works for you in our clearance section, please call one of our experts for immediate assistance on any of your material handling needs: 1.800.472.2118.