Quantum Storage Bins

Quantum Storage Systems is located in Miami Florida and is a leading manufacturer of Bins, Totes, Containers, Steel Shelving and Wire Shelving solutions. Quantum is well known for being one of the largest providers of industrial plastic bins and warehouse storage systems. Quantum storage products are wide ranging and high quality making them a popular choice for many industrial, medical, electronic and commercial environments. To introduce you to their products, a few of their popular product lines are highlighted below.

Ultra Stack and Hang Bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This variety displays the wide range and versatility of storage offerings this product line offers. Heavy duty stacking bins are tough & durable and make it easy to pull and pick product because of their stackable design.

Magnum Bins are injection molded which makes them extra strong for heavy duty applications. These bins are ideal for the storage of large and heavy parts that need to be transported from one location to another. These bins are engineered with an open hopper front allowing you to have instant access to the items stored in the bins. The bin walls are reinforced with ribs which guarantees the extra strength that you need. Each bin has double wall thickness and a preformed lip which allows you to stack and interlock these bins with up to 150lbs stackable capacity.

4 Inch Shelf Bins are durable and tough meeting and exceeding the industry standard for high quality. These plastic shelf bins are manufactured out of polypropylene and come with a built in label holder and a rear hanging lock allowing you to tilt the bins down for a total view of the items in the bins when on the shelving.  These shelf bins can be used individually, they can be stored on steel shelving units, sloped shelving units, wire shelving units or any other style of shelving unit you may have.

Dividable Grid Containers are designed to be heavy duty containers that are perfect for use in industrial, healthcare, electronics or commercial applications. These containers can be used to store and organize products used for assembly, fabrication and installation. The customizable grid options give you the flexibility to set the ideal sized compartments to store your accessories. Grid Container Dividers are available in various different sizes to fit your layout needs. The Grid Container Covers provide a strong and sturdy cover that will safely contain all of your parts and accessories in the container for easy storage.

Recycled Quantum Bins are an environmentally friendly line of bins that offer you superior storage options while being safe on the environment. These bins are manufactured out of polypropylene that has been 100% recycled from post-consumer items making these a much more viable storage solution for many people. Colors are limited in this series but the shapes and sizes are abundant. These recycled bins provide the same high quality storage solutions while making less of an impact on our environment. These bins are a win-win solution!

Quantum Bin Dollies are a four-wheeled plastic dolly that provides easy transportation for your stackable and collapsible containers. These dollies come with 1” plastic ledges or padded rubber trims that offer protection for other items that could be bumped by the dolly during transportation. These dollies have a load capacity of 1,000lbs.

This brief synapses of Quantum Storage Systems is the just the tip of the iceberg in reference to all of the available solutions they offer. Any of these storage solutions can greatly impact the operations and efficiencies of your work environment. Ask your local bin experts about an of your bin storage needs and get help finding the right solution today!