Custom Projects

SKUs are individually listed on websites and in catalogs. They are easy to find and easy to reference They simplify your ordering process and they make that process easy and repeatable. This process helps improve efficiency and reduce product lead times. However, for many projects and needs there is not a SKU available that offers a solution to your problem. This is where custom serves its purpose. As a company, we design and build a lot of custom solutions with many of the product lines we work with. We build and spec in custom wheels, custom casters and custom caster accessories. However, we do we do even more custom applications have have nothing to do with casters. We do custom for shelving, lockers, cabinets, lifts and numerous other product lines we handle. We have even come up with custom built products for applications where a product never existed before. A few of our more common custom categories are highlighted below.

Custom shelving, custom racking, custom pallet racking… Whatever you want to call it, these custom jobs are designed to meet our users requests. Custom shelving designs are built to spec based on the size and shape of the area the shelving is being installed in. Sure there are shelving applications where a single SKU or set of SKUs will satisfy your needs but there are also a great number of install areas that are unlike any other area we have encountered before. For that reason, we design custom shelving layouts for our customers on a regular basis.

Industrial Storage Cabinets are ubiquitous in countless industrial facilities. Factories, warehouses, job shops, you name it. These products are heavy duty and built to last. Car dealerships are where some of our proudest custom locker and cabinet installs have taken place. To us, a new car dealership is a blank canvas and the cabinets and workbenches are our paintbrush. Working with a team of engineers, we design and map out a custom layout that will best suit the needs of the dealership. Not only are custom locker and tool cabinets great for car dealerships, but they are great for tool rooms, industrial facilities or even personal garages. The combinations can be seemingly endless with these beautiful product lines.

Custom Picking Shelves can significantly increase the flow of your work process which can then lead to improved efficiencies and cost savings. Having an efficient rack and bin system can eliminate dead space, help improve organization and inventory tracking as well as eliminate risk for injury from overcrowded areas. A custom bin and racking system could be exactly what your facility has been seeking to increase its productivity.

Custom Dollys and Carts come in many shapes and sizes and are one of our most requested custom built items. 1 shelf, 2 shelves, 3 shelves, 4. It always appears that no two cart requests are the same. The length and width requests are always different and without a custom design it can be difficult to come up with the proper solution. One of the most challenging measurements on a custom cart project is the overall height. Once you begin looking  into the overall height for your cart, you must first decide what size caster you are going to put on your cart before you are able to determine how tall to make your cart. This is especially critical if you are required to meet a certain overall height. This example easily highlights the importance of a custom design.

No matter what your need is, we are here to work with you on any of your custom material handling needs. We do custom in a variety of different product lines and work with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced sales team is here to work with you to find and design the exact product you are seeking for your unique application. We work with skilled teams of engineers to design and build products which become solutions for our customer’s problems. Let us help you with your custom material handling applications so we can take one more project off of your plate.