Bins & Storage

Hanging, stacking, shelf style, totes, containers – the list goes on… All of these styles of bins are unique but similar if that makes any sense. It can be hard to differentiate and decide what type of bin to go with when seeking out storage solutions to clean up your work area. To help narrow down the selection a bit we have highlighted some popular series below:

Hanging and Stacking Bins are anti-slide which prevents stacked bins from shifting forward. They can be organized with optional dividers which allow you to create customizable compartments and sizes within the bin. There is a full lip which supports the bin on the hanging system and the curved bottom hopper front makes it easy to retrieve small parts from the bin. The side ribs add strength and prevent spreading when the bin is stacked. These bins are efficient, functional, durable and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. (Photo Pg 4 Akro Catalog)

Hanging Sloped Bins have a sloped side and hanging lip which lets the bin hang at an angle for maximum visibility and part access. The flat side hanging lip keeps the bin level when hanging and the rear hang-lock allows the bin to tilt out on steel or wire shelving. Divider slots allow for additional storage options and the integrated lid holes allow for easy attachment of the optional crystal clear dust protection lids. These bins are versatile, nestable and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. (Photo Pg 6 Akro Catalog)

Stak-N-Store Bins are stackable and allow for easy access to product while the bins are stacked. They have large radius corners and rolled rims to add strength to the bins. The side ribs add stability when stacked and the wide hopper front allows easy access to bulky items. The large comfort grip handles make it easy to pickup and move these bins when loaded with product. These are stackable, durable, cost-effective and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. (Photo Pg 12 Akro Catalog)

ShelfMax Bins are designed for use on shelving and are great for sliding in and out of the shelving to access and store product. The wide hopper front allows for easy access and the built in rear hang-lock allows the bin to tilt out for complete access. The bins have molded in label areas to identify the contents and each bin accepts up to 7 dividers for storage customization. These bins are efficient, durable, nestable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. (Photo Pg 16 Akro Catalog)

Economy Bins are stable and nestable but are divided into many different sections while being manufactured out of a one piece mold. The single piece is configured into a six section divider across the length of the piece which is 33” wide and 5” high. These are designed to fit on to a 36” wide steel and wire shelving unit. These are a cost effective alternative to flimsy cardboard boxes and are durable with double wall construction and one piece injection molded manufacturing. They can safely be stacked using a 3/8” wood dowel rod and are nestable when empty making them easy to store when not in use. These are available in 12” or 18” depths with color options of red, yellow and blue. (Photo Pg 22 Akro Catalog)

Louvered Hanging Systems are a customizable vertical storage solution for hanging bins. The louvered panels securely support bins and are manufactured out of heavy duty 16 gauge cold rolled steel for strength and durability. The powder coated finish provides an attractive look and comes in several different color options. These panels are efficient, flexible, stationary or mobile and can be both single sided and double sided.

With all of the options and styles mentioned above this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bins, totes and other industrial storage options. The options can seem endless and overwhelming so it often makes sense to call your local rep to work through specifics on your project to ensure you find exactly the type of storage solution you are seeking.