Dock Boards, Dock Plates and Curb Ramps

Dock boards are used as ramps to unload items from trucks to loading docks or vice versa. Dock boards are manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and typically have a safety tread plate surface providing better traction while rolling over the ramp. The high traction aluminum deck is rugged and designed to stand up to heavy traffic. Edges are mounted on the sides with  heavy duty bolts which add a layer of safety to keep wheels on the ramp and provide guidance for the person going over the ramp as to where the edges are. Safety first! Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exits on & off the ramp and a bend is engineered to keep the edges of the dock board flush with both the dock and the truck. Underneath the dock board heavy duty steel bolt on legs our mounted to provide stability while the dock board is in use. These legs can be reversed for refrigerated applications since refrigerated trucks have a unique design. These are the heaviest duty ramps discussed today.

Dock Plates are used for similar applications as dock boards but are mainly designed for lighter duty load applications such as hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks and foot traffic. Dock plates are manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and typically have a safety tread plate surface for increased traction. Yellow painted ends on the side of the dock plate highlight where the edge of the dock plate is for increased safety. Dock plates are light weight which makes it easier to move in and out of position and can easily be maneuvered by the handles mounted in the tread surface or underneath the surface. Dock plates, like dock boards, feature locking legs underneath the plate which are used to lock the plate into place and provide stability while in use.

Curb ramps are designed for an even lighter duty application mainly designed for moving hand trucks or carts up curbs in parking lots or on/off streets. Curb ramps are lightweight, strong, durable and ideal for anyone who uses a hand truck. They allow you to get a heavy hand truck load over curbs without straining your back. They are designed to not collect ice, mud snow or debris so they are perfect for any type of weather condition. Handslots cut into the ramp surface make them easy to move.

All of these items are designed with ergonomics in mind are are built to make your life easier while moving your products from one location to another.