Intermetro Wire Shelving

Intermetro wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. As a stocking distributor for their products, I am always excited and proud when my team completes a new and unique installation for one of our customers. Since we stock everything at a component level (whether it be casters, shelving or hand trucks) the combinations we can generate for our customers are seemingly endless. In the photo featured in this post I would like to highlight a custom overhead shelving unit which we just installed for our customer. The overall dimensions are 12’w x 6’d x 11’h. We had a limited amount off space to work with, basically the same dimensions as the unit. We had to figure out a way of expanding our customer’s medical containers from 72pcs to 100pcs. The only way of doing this was to go 11′ high. To help the customer access the bins located on the upper shelves, we supplied a rolling ladder for him to access the containers that he can’t reach from a normal standing position. This 10 shelf 11′ high stationary storage unit provides superior storage space for our customer, It increases their space utilization for maximum optimization and increased their bin capacity the the same space they were already using. Intermetro is ideal for dry or wet environments and offers heavy duty load capacities while still maintaining an aesthetically appealing look. Please let us know if we can come up with a custom design for you at your facility.