Hospitals & Healthcare Catalog is Here!

Hi everybody,

I am excited to announce that I have recently launched my Hospitals and Healthcare catalog to try and simplify some literature for all of you working in these facilities. Everywhere you look in a hospital or healthcare facility you are bound to see something that is rolling on casters and wheels. To the untrained eye all of these casters and wheels may look similar but most likely they are incredible different from each other. Hospitals seem to hold some of the widest variety of caster options I can think of which can become incredibly complex and overwhelming to understand. The options available seem endless and each are so unique for each of their applications that often no substitution can be used. I have attempted to simplify many of these offerings for you in our condensed hospital and healthcare catalog and I hope to highlight a few of these product offerings throughout the remainder of this post.

Starting with our light duty stem casters, these come in three different categories; threaded stems, friction ring stems and expansion stems. The wheel sizes vary by material and size ranging from 2″ to 5″ and each wheel option can be paired with the many different mounting options listed at the bottom of the page. Simply fill in the blank part of the part number you are looking at with a corresponding stem number to complete your caster part number. Many of the casters in this series can be found on light duty carts, poles and equipment throughout the hospital. In fact, the Omega series featured in our catalog is a common caster used on IV poles. These casters are very aesthetically pleasing while also providing a very smooth and quiet role across the facility floors. The same process used for identifying your stem caster goes with identifying the light duty plate casters in this section of the catalog as well.

Moving into our Next Generation series in the catalog, these casters are very medically specific and come with a diverse amount of mounting styles as well but are broken down into three main categories; Stainless, anti-static and non-magnetic. The stainless caster is ideal for heavy wash-down environments on such equipment as surgical carts. These will not rust or breakdown in these demanding environments. The anti-static casters help eliminate the risk of electrostatic discharge. These will commonly be seen in MRI applications or other carts that require the ability to eliminate static charges. The non-magnetic casters can be found on any MRI equipment or items used near an MRI machine. It is imperative that there be no magnetic components anywhere near an MRI machine and these casters are assembled completely with non-magnetic materials. MRI casters are also offered in the twin wheel version which offer a wider base for your unit to roll on. These are used in the same applications as the single wheeled MRI casters and it is a user’s preference as to which style of caster they prefer to use on their unit.

The remainder of this catalog highlights various versions of medical stem casters that come in zinc plated and stainless steel versions, light – medium duty casters which will be used on any industrial equipment throughout the facility and medium duty casters which will be used on industrial equipment that require a higher load capacity rating. The newest section to this catalog is our sockets section at the end of the catalog. These sockets are valuable little tools that mount your stem casters to the unit you desire. We have tried to lay these options out in a easy to use format that makes it clear as to which size socket fits each sized mounting application.

We hope that this catalog helps to simplify your options that can be used in your hospital and healthcare facilities. Due to the amount of customizable options of these medical specific casters, many of these are not in stock and would be made to order. We work very closely with our manufacturers to keep your lead times as low as possible on all of your orders and the more communication we can have with you regarding these medical specific casters the better. Double checking and clarifying all specs and applications of these caster is essential for your order to arrive accurately and on time.

Thank you,

The Caster Guy