Introducing Tilt Trucks

Tilt trucks are an ergonomic solution for moving and dumping materials from one location to another. These durable trucks are engineered with industrial strength to easily transport heavy loads of materials. On my site I have featured 5 different sized trucks which I work with on a regular basis and have proved to be my most poplar tilt trucks.

The tilt trucks featured on my site are manufactured by Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid’s  tilt trucks are manufactured with a seamless one-piece molded truck body with a reinforced lip designed for increased durability. The strong plastic body will not rust, dent chip or peel and it is very easy to clean after use. This truck is equipped with two sizes of wheels. The back wheels are set in 4″ swivel casters which allows for easy turning and maneuvering. The front wheels are a durable one piece 10″ blow molded polypropylene wheel. These provide a sufficient load capacity with a quiet and smooth roll that is friendly on most floor surfaces. These wheels and casters are easily replaceable if damaged which increases the life of these tilt trucks. With a 300 lb. load capacity, these trucks are designed to easily handle and maneuver your materials throughout your facilities. The tilt trucks are not pictured with it but there is a domed lid that is available on these. These tilt trucks are a valuable tool to any material handling fleet to help you move all of your materials as efficiently as possible to their desired locations.