Rubbermaid Utility Carts

Rubbermaid has been a staple in the industrial sector for years. From commercial and industrial products to home organization and storage solutions, Rubbermaid has a product which will work well for each of your applications. For my team and I, a struggle that we are constantly working on is being efficient while picking orders which allows us to reduce lead times and ship orders faster. A product that we use throughout our facilities to help with this process is a two shelf inventory picking cart made by Rubbermaid.

Our 4520-88-BLACK is a model of this cart that works very well for us. This cart is very sturdy and durable all while being lightweight and easy to maneuver up and down our aisles. The rounded corners on the cart not only make it a safer cart for my team to operate but it also helps prevent damage to my shelving and walls around my warehouse. The cart comes with 4″ casters which are sufficient for a high load capacity and allow for an easy roll over cracks and bumps. These castrs are also easily replaceable which greatly extends the life of each of these carts.

A newer design on these carts which is a huge improvement is the ergonomically designed handle which allows for an optimum push position on this cart improving control over the cart and increasing worker safety. The less likely it is for an employee to get injured the happier everyone is so this cart is a win-win for everyone. These carts are a great addition to any warehouse and help improve any inventory picking process. Make your warehouse more efficient by adding one of these carts to your arsenal.


The Caster Guy