Intermetro Shelving

Intermetro shelving is a staple within the food service and medical industries. 1*Genuine Metro wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. It offers uncompromised reliability and flexibility to configure unique solutions – stationary and mobile, freestanding or wall mount, dry and wet environments, heavy duty back-of-house and visually appealing front end displays. A variety of materials and finishes coupled with nearly a hundred specialized accessories allows customized units to fit everyday needs and ensure greater efficiencies.

With so many unique combinations and product offerings of shelving, one of the simplest options with these shelving units is making it a stationary or mobile shelving unit. Stationary plugs are available for the posts which come with adjustable feet allowing you to adjust the height of your shelving unit and allowing you to easily level your shelving unit on any slightly uneven surface. Going from a stationary shelving unit to a mobile shelving unit or vice versa is very simple thanks to the great product design by Metro. The stationary plugs are easily popped out of the posts which leaves an open tube base at the bottom. The Metro casters have a grip ring stem caster which fit right up into the bottom of these posts making any shelving unit mobile in a matter of minutes. These casters come in 5″ and 6″ options with a variety of wheel materials to choose from. However, the caster I want to highlight today is the 6″ stainless steel model. Due to our increased inventory, I have put these casters on our clearance page for you. Part# 6-S34-314G is the model without a brake and 6-S34-314G W/BRK is the model with a brake.

These casters are perfect for any Intermetro shelving application and are designed to hold up in any wash-down or clean room environment as well. These casters offer a high resilience to oils and grease while providing a very smooth and easy roll. The polyurethane offers superior floor protection and a quite roll. The stainless steel rig is designed to stand up to corrosive chemicals and liquids eliminating the concern for the metal to rust. The same goes for the delrin bearing in the wheel. Take advantage of these beautiful casters while they are on clearance today!

Thank you,

The Caster Guy