Manual vs Electric Pallet Jacks: Which Is Best?

There’s no easier way to transport pallets in the workplace than by using a pallet jack. Even with stacked with heavy objects, you can use a pallet jack to lift pallets, after which you can roll them to the desired area of your workplace. While some pallet jacks use a manual method of operation, though, […]

Difference between Wheels and Casters

The terms “wheels” and “casters” are often used interchangeably to describe rolling devices. As a result, many people assume they are the same. While wheels and casters are both rolling devices, they differ in several ways. To learn more about wheels and casters, including how they differ, keep reading. What Are Wheels? Wheels are round […]

What Are Low-Profile Casters?

When researching some of the different types of casters, you may encounter low-profile casters. Also known as business machine casters, they are commonly used in the workplace. What are low-profile casters exactly, and when should you consider using them? The Basics of Low-Profile Casters Low-profile casters are mountable wheels that feature a short, low-profile design. […]

How to Stop Caster Flutter

Casters offer an unparalleled level of convenience when compared to traditional wheels. Consisting of wheels attached to or embedded inside of a frame, they are used to move heavy objects. You can find casters on chairs, furniture, medical equipment and even machines. While convenient and easy to use, though, some casters may experience a problem […]