High Temp Phenolic Wheels

As discussed in a previous blog post, Phenolic casters and wheels are an economically viable solution for many heavy duty industrial caster applications. These are a popular go-to option for many applications such dumpsters, facility carts, workbenches, mobile louvered panels and countless other industrial and mobile carts or machines. Phenolic wheels are strong and durable solutions for many of your applications but one area where they can falter is in environments with exposure to high heat. That is where the High Temp Phenolic comes into play.

High Temperature Resistant Phenolic Wheels provide superior continuous performance at temperatures ranging up to 475 Degrees F. These wheels have the ability to be used intermittently as high as 525 degrees F. Some common applications where these wheels are typically used include baking ovens, curing ovens, and autoclaves. High Temp Phenolic Wheels are available in 3″ to 12″ diameters paired with a wide variety of bore and hub length sizes.

If you are struggling to find the right wheel for your high temperature caster applications, a High Temp Phenolic wheel might be just the solution you are looking for.