Phenolic Wheels

Arbco Black Phenolic wheels are a staple in the caster and wheel industry. These caster wheels are designed for heavy abuse and high exposure to wear and tear. Phenolic Wheels are lightweight and easy to roll under heavy loads without damaging floors along the way. As long as the coating of the wheel is intact, […]

Solid Polyurethane Wheels

Solid polyurethane wheels are fantastic solutions for heavy wash-down and food grade environments. The solid polyurethane wheel provides a one piece molded solution which eliminates the issues of tread bond failures. Solid polyurethane wheels are high-strength and hi-impact resistant making them durable solutions for tough environments. These wheels are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and […]


Sale, Sale, Sale… Our clearance casters are in stock and ready to ship immediately at a supreme discount to you! In my warehouse, my team and I are constantly working to identify which inventory is moving, which inventory is sitting and which inventory we have too much or too little of. Inventory planning is a […]

Toolbox Caster Sets

Caster Kits and Replacement Caster Kits make it easier for you to order the casters you need for your project. Sometimes you will come across the need to replace one single caster but more often than not, you will need to replace all four casters on your cart or toolbox. I thinking that you are […]