Presto Lifts

In the past 10 years Presto lifts has evolved into a global leader in materials handling solutions by focusing on three core principles: Product Quality, Product Availability and Product Innovation. For over 70 years, Presto Lifts, Inc. has been creating precision hydraulic equipment that improves safety and productivity. In 1977, Presto Lifts began producing a […]

Metric Casters

“Metric applications are bigger than you think.” This is a line that was spoken in a conversation at The Caster Guy office recently and it is a statement which is absolutely true. Metric caster applications are bigger than you think. Now by bigger, I am referring to the quantity of metric caster applications in the […]

Kingpinless Casters

The swivel section on a swivel caster is the point at which failure most often occurs. We call this part of the caster the “Swivel Raceway”. This section on the caster is exposed to torque and stress which can cause the raceway to loosen up. As the raceway loosens in a normal swivel raceway with […]