Soft Rubber 2" Thru 5"

Soft Rubber caster wheels are a great option for light institutional purposes. If you are looking for a smooth ride, check out these wheels as they can absorb any kind of vibration and shock. Another benefit for Soft Rubber caster wheels is that they are a quiet operating wheel. The only problem with soft rubber casters is that they tendency to have low load capacities. If the wheel exceeds its load capacity Soft rubber caster wheels will fail.With that, these wheels are a non-marking wheel and work great in any clean, environmentally controlled area. These are also great for going over sudden bumps such as uneven flooring or unexpected particles on the ground. The temperature range is from -40° up to 180° F and the hardness rating is 65-68 Shore A.

Caster-Wheel Bearings Guide:
RB = Roller Bearings  
DB = Delrin Bearings  
PW = Plain Wheel or Plain Bore
BB = Ball Bearings

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